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For more than a decade, Payroll Pro HRM is the most used payroll program in the Dutch Caribbean and Surinam. Over 3500 companies, big and small and governmental institutions experience the advantages of this comprehensive and user-friendly software every day.

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Important system features

  • The #1 payroll software in the Dutch Caribbean
  • Advanced report maker
  • User-friendly software
  • For all commercial & governmental organizations or institutions
  • Complete integration of payroll and HRM
  • Multi-currency pay
  • Quick and easy input of data
  • The best software for an attractive price
  • Interface with local banks
  • Multi-user and multi-country
  • Complete and detailed role based access settings
  • Interface with accounting software

What people Say about
Payroll Pro HRM

VCC international
Bert Vermaas,
VCC International

Here at VCC, when we speak about Payroll Pro HRM, it almost feels as if we speak about a family member.

Machteld van Agtmaal,

Payroll Pro HRM is a very user-friendly program. It allows us to perform our clients’ payroll activities effectively and time efficient. It really has been and still is a positive experience working with Payroll Pro HRM and its developer, Gamma IT Solutions

Employee & manager self service portal

  • Download your payslips and wage tax cards
  • Review your personal information
  • Request bank reference letters, new ID badges,
    and direct messages to HR
  • Manager administers employee vacations
    requests (approve/reject)
  • Manager administers employee absence leave
  • request or sickness leave notifications
  • The portals are also accessible from all mobile devices
eployee and manager

Payroll Pro HRM introduces the Accountant Portal

Payroll Pro HRM strives to use technology in a way that is practical for its clients to fulfill their payroll and HR needs. With this in mind, Payroll Pro HRM, introduces the Accountant Portal.

The Accountant Portal is an incredibly useful tool for all accountants, accounting firms and their clients. The Accountant Portal is a self-service portal that allows the clients of accountants and accounting firms to log into the portal to carry out some tasks independently such as

  • Contact the accountant
  • Download pay slips
  • Download wage tax cards
  • View personal information of its employees
  • Have an overview of each of its employee
  • Access external links
  • Create a new employee
  • Have an overview of the overtime registrations
  • Register new payroll mutations
  • Precheck the pending payroll
  • Access reports
  • Have an overview of employees on vacation

With the Accountant Portal the client of the accountant can thus perform a series of tasks without having to depend directly on the accountant each time.
This way both the accountant and its client can work more time efficient and competently.

eployee and manager

The Time Clock Processing Module, also known as TCP Module is an add-on module for Payroll Pro HRM that can interface directly with time clock hardware.

It directly streamlines the information of the checked clock hours and sends this information directly to Payroll Pro HRM. Payroll Pro HRM’s priority always is to find a way to make the job of the Paymasters and HR Officers easier.

How can it benefit your company?

  • It is fully integrated with Payroll Pro HRM
  • It has an automatic check of the hours worked of each employee
  • It has an automatic check of the overtime hours worked of each employee
  • It is great for small and big companies
  • License available from 5 employees to unlimited employees

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